What People Think...

What Do the Parents think of our program?

* Everything was a smooth streamline process. * Tutor is patient. * Muy buena experiencia. * She looks forward to tutoring! Can’t say the same for going to school. * My children were able to begin leveling up in math & having a better understanding of their school material. * So far so good. The tutor is wonderful, very organized and very engaging. She is well prepared, I am very happy. * Muy buena communicacion. * I only have a complement. * Wonderful people, very efficient, we were able to connect with the tutor right away. * Thank you for offering this and for finding such dedicated volunteers! * Todo bien. * They love their tutors they help them a lot. * Todo excelente. * My son is starting to feel more confident with math. From hating it and being convinced that he was not able to do math, to feeling to have a better understanding of it. Don’t stop doing it. It has been a great help. Especially in this COVID-19 time. * Great experience.

What Do the TUTORS think of our program?

It's been amazing to watch my student have a new understanding of something they couldn’t grasp before our tutoring sessions. I spend time help. I know the importance of education because as a soon-to-be first generation college student, my family made it a priority because they weren’t afforded the education or resources to succeed. * I feel very connected to the two kids I tutor as if they are my little cousins. We are from the same ethnic/racial communities and I am honored to be of support to them and their families. * I absolutely love working with Cindy. She is such a kind, determined young woman and it’s such an honor to support her in her academic pursuits! It’s been extremely rewarding to not only provide my student with encouragement, but also connect with her as a person. * All of it has been rewarding. Not only has the experience helped me become a better teacher, but it has exposed me to the inequalities in the education system, something I’d never otherwise see firsthand. Through some amazing conversations with the creator of Good Tutors, I’ve become quite passionate about the cause. * Nothing beats having a student smile with relief when they understand something they had found challenging. * The experience was rewarding as I formed a bond with my student and could see her progress, especially in writing! I loved watching her grow in only a few short months!! * The connection I have built with the girl I am tutoring is amazing and I hope to meet her someday. * One of my students was struggling in science and was not not happy with her weekly quiz score. Last week she got 100% on her quiz. * Just thank you for creating this amazing program :)